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Do you need a hire car because your vehicle is at the garage? Want to get out and about on a day trip with your family? Applegate Van Hire Ltd is here to help you. We have a range of self-drive cars available now at our St Neots location, and you can hire them from us for a great price.

Our cars are brand new from the showrooms and come with a variety of comforts and features. Whether you need a car for getting to work, or for an upcoming holiday, you can hire one from us.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I hire a van for?

Our vans are hired out in blocks of 24 hours, so you could have it for just one day or as
long as required. When can I pick up the van and when does it need to be returned?
We have collection slots from 8.30am to 4pm Monday to Thursday so you can collect
at any time – subject to availability.
Saturday collections are 8.30am to 10.30am.
Depending on your requirements, the return of the van will be returned 24 / 48 etc hours
after collection. You may be able to drop the van off earlier if you are finished with it
(with authorisation)
Sunday collections are by appointment only at the St Neots branch only

What do I need to bring to pick up the van?

When collecting the van, we need to see the following:
Driver’s licence card – Full valid British driving licence held for at least 24 months (36 if under 25).
DVLA code / print out which shows us any endorsements the driver may/may not have. See website for further details
2 x Types of Identification –Passport and a utility bill or bank statement (dated within 3 months).
Copies may be taken and kept on file.

I have points on my licence, can I still hire a van?

We are unable to hire to anyone who has more than 6 points on their licence in the
last 5 years or have any endorsements for drink driving / drugs.
Anyone with points that have either 4 or 6 for one endorsement will have to have
further checks done with the insurance company. Please let us know if this is the
case as checks can be done before collection.

Does the van come with a full tank of diesel?

Our vans are collected with approx. empty / ¼ tank of diesel, it is up to yourselves to put in the diesel that you require for your journey and to bring it back the same as it went out.
We are not able to refund fuel if bought back with more than it was collected with.

Is there any parking for our car?

All our sites have free parking spaces.

What is the insurance excess?

There is an insurance excess on all of our vans of maximum £1000

Are your vans tracked?

Yes, all our vans have trackers in the van.
If you are company hiring our vans, we can provide you with driver scores to see
how they are driving to use as direct evidence to reduce fuel costs etc.

Your responsibilities:

You must look after the vehicle and the keys to the van. You must always lock the van when you are not using it and use any security device fitted to or supplied with the vehicle. You must always protect the van against bad weather which can cause damage.
You must always make sure you use the correct fuel
You are responsible for any damage to the vehicle caused by hitting walls, bollards
or low objects, such as bridges or low branches.
You must not sell, rent or dispose of the van or any of its parts. You must not give
anyone any legal rights over the van
You must not let anyone work on the van without our permission. If we do give you
permission, we will only give you a refund if you have a receipt for the work.
You must let us know as soon as you become aware of a fault on the van
You must bring the van back to the place we agreed and during the opening hours agreed.
If we have agreed the van may be returned outside business hours, you will remain
responsible for the van and its condition until it is re-inspected by a member of staff
You will have to pay for repairs if:
-The vehicle needs more than our standard valeting (cleaning)
-You have damaged the inside /outside of the van
-You have used a breakdown service without our authority or through running out of fuel
Before you bring back the van you must check that you have not left any personal
belongings in the van.

Can I just have the van for one day over the weekend?

Yes, we hire vans out for either 24 or 48 hours over the weekend. You do not have to have it for the 48 hours only.

How can I pay and do I need to pay a deposit?

We take Visa or MasterCard for payment. We can take some cash as payment but it has to be at least £10 on card
If you live locally and paying by card, no deposit is required
for the vans There is £ 250 deposit required for the car hire

Can another person drive the van?

Only the person on the agreement can drive the van as the insured driver. We can organise a 2nd
driver but at the extra charge of £10, we would need their driver licence details to add them.

What will I be liable for?

You are liable for all Road Traffic Infringements together with all parking and congestion charges.
It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that if an additional driver has been authorised, the Hirer keeps a driver’s log so that there can be no doubt as to who is in charge of the van should a Road Traffic Infringement or Parking / Congestion Charge take place.

What happens if the van breaks down?

All our vans are AA covered with “Onward Travel” at no extra cost.
Contact details will be in the van and on the keyring.

Can I take the van abroad?

None of our vans are allowed out of the UK.

What happens in an event of an accident?

If you have an accident you must not admit responsibility. You should get the names
and addresses of everyone involved, including witnesses. You should also:
-Make the van secure
-Tell the police straight away if anyone is injured or there is a disagreement over who
is responsible and
-Call our nearest office straight away
-You must then fill in our accident report form and return to us once we have supplied it to you

Our responsibilities:

We have maintained the van to at least the manufacturers recommended standard.
We assure you that the van is roadworthy and suitable for renting at the start of the
rental periods. We are responsible for loss caused by:
-The van not matching our description of it
-The van not being fit to drive
-Us not having the legal right to rent out the van

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